Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why I'm Still Vegetarian

I decided to be vegetarian a long time ago.  I was maybe 10 years old and heard of the health benefits being a vegetarian offered.  Although this got my attention, it was really the vegetarian ideals of freedom and equality that pulled me in.  I appreciated their opposition to animal cruelty, their work in the public sphere to raise awareness, their work in animal shelters and clinics around the country, seeking to lessen the hardships faced by our furry companions.  My mom and i discussed all of this and eventually decided to commit, to become vegetarians ourselves.
      After being vegetarian for about a month i realized we didn't completely agree with all of their ideas.  I can stand with them when they oppose eating dogs or cats or guinea pigs (after all, they're cute a furry).  I am totally in line with not hunting purely for sport.  But they wanted me to stop eating beef and chicken and pork.  How idiotic is that?  They wanted me to stop eating cheeseburgers and bacon and cheeseburgers with bacon?!?!  Who did these stuck-up numbskulls think they were?  Telling me to give up all animal products!
      Some of my so-called-friends looked down on me, said i wasn't really a vegetarian, just cause i didn't want to be a herbivore like them.  I felt angry, i felt betrayed.  They were taking my beloved vegetarianism and turning it into a political weapon.  This was not the vegetarianism of my youth.  It seemed they had rejected those principles of freedom, equality and acceptance of others, which had first drawn me in.  They had turned vegetarianism into simply opposing meat.  They had forgotten our roots in social justice and made it political.
      At times, i've wondered if i really want to be a vegetarian, given the backwards views of so many of my piers; their small-minded refusal to recognize omnivore and carnivore rights, their radical opposition to meat consumption even in instances of steak.  Can i really be part of a group that is so stuck in its old fashioned ideas, so unwilling to move into the twenty first century?
      Despite this, i remain a vegetarian.  I love my vegetarianism, and it is my vegetarian ideals of freedom and equality that lead me to support the freedom of every person to eat what they desire and the equality of all people regardless of dietary preferences.  It took me a little while, but eventually i realized, we’re not going to agree about everything, and that’s OK.  If eating meat annoys some of the vegetarian elites, fine.  Their hateful intolerance of my carnivorous ways will not deter me.  I am every bit as vegetarian as they are.


       You don't have to be Catholic if you don't want to be, but you should be honest with yourself.  Just as a meat eating vegetarian has some strange ideas concerning vegetarianism, so too do some Catholics about Catholicism.  This is a work of satire.  It is not directed as vegetarians, who have no reason to be offended.  There are however many so-called-Catholics who do have cause to be offended.  Namely, "Catholics" who deny the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.  To be a Catholic is to uphold all those things the Church proclaims.
      As this blog continues i will do my best to explain just what those things are and why our Holy Mother Church believes in them.  To deny them does not make you a bad person, but it does kinda disqualify you from the title of Catholic.

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